Functional overhaul of the editorial part, passage from Drupal 7 to Symfony 2 (+ Sonata)

  • Creation of a lot of Sonata Blocks
  • Backoffice for manage articles
  • Use of a DevOps box to manage infrastructure from developement to production (Vagrant and Puppet)
  • Unit tests : PHPUnit
  • Fonctional tests : Behat

Symfony2 Sonata Drupal Php7 Mysql Twig Capistrano Puppet Vagrant

Chaumet E-bible

Setting up the e-bible for Chaumet. Content Recovery from Akeneo. TMA.

  • Synchronisation with Akeneo
  • Discover of Drupal 7
  • Deployemnt with Capistrano
  • Unit tests : PHPUnit

Drupal Capistrano Akeneo

Canal+ Outil Auteur

Development of REST-ful APIs and an administration interface to manage editorial content.

  • Backoffice for manage articles
  • Use of a DevOps box to manage infrastructure from developement to production (Vagrant and Puppet)
  • Deployment on AmazonWebServices
  • Unit tests : PHPUnit
  • Functional tests : Behat

Symfony2 Sonata Twig Puppet Capistrano Jenkins Php Mysql Elasticsearch Python

Canal+ Outil Auteur

La fabrique verte

The website "La fabrique verte" is a small showcase site that I've realized as independant contractor. It's quite simple on content management of backoffice, but it's very advanced in terms of integration and mobile compatibility.

Independant contractor
Php Javascript Bootstrap Sass Html Git

Mon hôpital numérique

The website "Mon Hôpital Numérique" is a web platform realized with Symfony2 framework.

It's a project that I've been working for two years and which allowed me to perfect myself with this framework. The website users can fill very complex forms to analyses theirs hospitals performances and get feedback on how their can improve it, on the areas of improvement recommended by ANAP. There's also a huge search feature, with documents and points of interests.

Php Mysql Javascript Doctrine 2 Bootstrap Symfony 2 Twig Git

LEWEB'12 Analytics

LeWeb'12 analytics is an iPad app that I've realized for the event LeWeb'12, which has happen in Paris on 4, 5 and 6th december 2012.

For this project, Salesforce was recruiting three students, and I've been selected to participate to the creation of this application. With the my knowledge acquired during my Master's degrees I've been able to build this app. We develop this after school on our free time. After 3 weeks of work, we went to San Francisco, at Heroku's offices to finalize the app with more experienced developers.

It was an extremely rewarding experience and a memorable one. The app was used during the whole event, and we present it on stage for a few moement : (video YouTube).

Master ccm
Extjs Ruby on rails Radian 6 Heroku Sencha touch Git