Web Engineer at Ekino

What I work with

I usually work with the PHP framework Symfony2 on MySQL databases, but I've also learn to adapt myself to some front stuff like ReactJS, Webpack and Sass. I also know how to build a fully operationnal environnement with Vagrant and Puppet, and I've just discover Docker. Like most developers nowaday, I use Git to manage my code and Capistrano to deploy it.

What I like

Beside spending a lot of time on my computer coding or playing, I really enjoy travelling all around the world, I've visited a lot of different country and learn something on each one. I've watched a lot of Movies and Tv Shows, and planning on viewing more of them :) I'm not a sport's fan but I really like Badminton, archery and diving. And of course, the morning coffee or a beer with my friends.

What I do

I work hard to build complex web applications where I can really enjoy what I'm doing. On my spare time, I'm giving lessons to BTS students to learn them their future profession, and I'm trying to show them the satisfaction of a job well done. I also create small website as independent contractor. I like to organize content in logical and meaningful ways and learn and use whatever technology solves the problem at hand.

What I'm good at

Open minded and very motivated, I keep some to to myself to a daily tech review to stay tuned on the news. I adapt myself easyly to new environnement and technologies. I am force of proposal and very autonomous.

You like what you see ? - Do not hesitate to contact me !


    Bar Accras

    Bar Accras

    Conception and development of the website, online quotations available soon. - Symfony 3 Backoffice...

    Peinture Froment

    Peinture Froment

    Conception and development of the website. - Symfony 3 Backoffice to manage media and contents - Se...



    Functional overhaul of the editorial part, passage from Drupal 7 to Symfony 2 (+ Sonata) - Creation...

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